Why Strategic English is unique


Writing great English text requires a combination of mother-tongue language skill, an encyclopaedic knowledge of the rules of punctuation, grammar and good style as well as broad experience of writing for different audiences and different purposes.

Knock spots off the competition by using Strategic English to your advantage.

The advantage of Strategic English

Mother tongue English

English is a rich language, full of nuances, double meanings and regional variations waiting to trip up the non-native writer and speaker.

Text that sounds natural and professional only comes from mother tongue speakers. Resist the temptation to have a friend or family member translate your text, even if you think their command of English is excellent. The result may be amateur, amusing, confusing or embarrassing - and you may never know.

Professional vocabulary

Professional text includes the vocabulary, or jargon, that the target audience expects to hear. When necessary, I’ll work with you to establish a glossary of important vocabulary for your document.

I work regularly on extremely specialist text, for example in the fields of nanoscience, accountancy and medicine, and I have a strongly developed sense of whether text is logical and correct, even if the subject matter is outside my area of knowledge.

On the other hand, I’m good at explaining complicated subjects in simple language for the benefit of non-specialists.


Research is almost always part of the job. Whether it’s a quick online search to check something that’s unclear, or extensive research to create original text, I take the initiative to make sure your text is factually accurate.

Personal attention

I am a one-person business, so you know who has done the work. I don’t employ other people or pass projects on to other companies. Quality control is important and the only way I can guarantee quality without stretching deadlines and budgets is to do the work myself.


Even mother-tongue speakers make mistakes! English is a tricky language with many exceptions to the rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar. For text that meets professional standards, it’s important to use an experienced writer. 

My experience includes website text, advertising copy, brochures, newsletters, packaging copy, tour guides, magazine articles, taglines and headlines, divorce proceedings, real estate contracts, sales aids, training manuals, visual identity manuals, marketing plans, product literature, books, letters, academic dissertations, blogs… just about everything.