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Projects vary so much in their complexity that a standard price list might be misleading.
Get in touch to discuss your needs and I'll send you a proposal.

If we haven't worked together before and you would like to test my capabilities, send me a 1-page sample of the project and I'll show you what I can do.




Translation fees are calculated using the number of characters (including spaces) in the original document. The quickest and most accurate method of counting characters is to use the word count feature in Microsoft Word. Next, I divide the number of characters by 55 to give the number of standard lines. Finally, the number of lines is multiplied by a price per line, which is from CHF 3.50, depending on the degree of complexity of the text and the format of the original and final documents.

Translated text is returned to you in the same format as the original unless you specify otherwise.

Copywriting, text editing and researching

Writing English text, correcting text, and doing research is charged by the hour. While it is impossible to predict the final cost exactly, I will let you know the hourly rate and can give you regular updates on the time spent.


Website pricing is explained here.

Weekends, holidays and after-hours work

I do everything I can to meet your deadlines, and when necessary I’ll work outside normal business hours. I charge 50% on top of the usual fee for out-of-hours work.

Quotes and free samples

I always provide quotes for projects promptly and without obligation and am also happy to provide a sample paragraph of translated or edited text of your choice, so that you can judge the quality of my work for yourself.

Minimum charge and administration charge

The minimum charge is CHF 140. I add an administration charge of 10% to every invoice as a contribution to time spent on phone calls, providing quotes, invoicing, and emails, which are not counted separately on my timesheets.